About SPJ

Are you ready to sparkle with your own uniqueness? You know who you are. You know what you want. You don't want to blend into the crowd but you also don't want to be the center of attention. You are perfectly imperfect. You are unique and one of a kind. Silver Prophecy Jewelry is about encouraging that uniqueness and providing the confidence to keep going. We believe jewelry should be an extension of your personality and creativity. It should bring out your confidence and let you shine as you are. We also believe in the little things that make you happy. That could be the fringe earrings that jingle to create music for your ears. Or maybe it's the simple handmade necklace that is so lightweight you forget you're wearing it sometimes. Possibly it's simply the mountain-inspired earrings you got as a gift to remember that special occasion. It's almost like you have a secret, out in the open. Let Silver Prophecy Jewelry be in on that secret with you: You got this.

About the Artist

I am the woman behind SPJ, Erin. While I haven't always worked with silver, jewelry has always been made in some form or another my whole life. As a natural creative, I was struggling to find a way to provide positivity in other people's lives. My original passion was baking, and it still is, but not the professional lifestyle that goes with it. After a couple of career changes, I remained resilient and ambitious in finding the right mission that allows me to pursue my creative side but also my giving side. It's my personal mission to empower other women, provide positivity to the world, and continue to grow as a creative and human.

About the Process

Some SPJ designs start as an idea and finish as the intended idea. A lot of SPJ designs are results from playing the "What if..." game. This is a game the artist plays while working with the silver. Often there's a design idea but what if we go square instead of a circle? Or what if we combine these two random pieces together to make a pendant? Some SPJ designs come about from simply staring at scrap pieces, trying to think of a way to give them life instead of being melted down, or maybe they get melted down and then used as an accent! SPJ is inspired by everything and anything.

When it comes to actually manipulate the silver, I use traditional silversmithing techniques. This means there's a lot done by hand. Designs start out from wire or sheet, measured and cut, shaped and soldered to create one whole piece. Cutting metal is done with metal sheers, wire cutters, and a jewelers saw...it all depends on the thickness of the silver and what the design is. Soldering is the act of heating the silver up to a certain temperature to permanently join pieces together. After soldering, the piece needs to be sanded to remove any extra solder and smooth any rough places. After this time is when the piece is hammered to achieve the signature SPJ style. Hammering is done with special silversmithing tools. Each hammer has a different head to provide a different look. The hammered look provides texture, sparkle, and character. Pieces are finished in the tumbler where they get a final polish and are also work hardened. This adds some strength to the silver to prevent bending. When making necklaces, chains and clasps are manufactured, all components are assembled in the studio to provide a range of different lengths and chain styles. Chains are bought on a spool, usually 50ft, but are also used as components in earring and bracelet designs!

Want to learn more?

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