Necklace Lengths

Unsure about necklace lengths? Silver Prophecy Jewelry often makes necklaces at different lengths because it changes the style of the necklace. On some occasions, you may want to wear a shorter necklace. Sometimes you might want to layer multiple necklaces. Here I'll briefly give a rundown on the different lengths SPJ offers. Please note that everyone's body will vary, so where a necklace might lay for one person might be different for another. The purpose of this blog post is to give an idea so you have a better understanding and feel more confident in shopping for necklaces.

One important note: all SPJ necklaces are measured by the chain, this does not include the pendant (if there is one). More on this later.

My Aurora necklace is a great example of the top three necklace lengths: 16", 18", and 20". In this picture I'm wearing all three lengths. You can see that they all lay relatively close to each other, but are not overlapping where the circle is. Also notice that the 16" is just at the base of my neck, but it is not a choker. The 16" and 18" are perfect to wear with other necklaces. I usually like to wear my Aurora necklace and then another longer necklace to create a dynamic layered look.


 My Celeste necklace is a great example of longer necklaces SPJ has to offer. These are typically offered at a 22" and 24" length. Note that a 24" length is the longest that SPJ will make. As mentioned above, for this necklace style, the chain is measured for the length but not the pendant. The Celeste pendant itself is 2" long but it is not included in the chain length. Think of it this way, chain length is where the chain itself lays. In my product descriptions, I also include the length (and width when necessary) of the pendant so you can get an idea of the overall drop length. This longer style necklace is great to layer with, but also perfect to stand on it's own. If you have a plain top, this necklace will provide that little extra sparkle to make it shine.


Now you have a better idea of necklace lengths with Silver Prophecy Jewelry, check out the other necklaces available!

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