Erin's Favorite Picks

Erin's Favorite Picks

In this article, I thought I'd highlight some of my personal favorite pieces!


 Probably my favorite dangle earrings (but also my most popular earring design!) are my Winona earrings. What I love about them is that they are long earrings with little hammered pieces of silver fringe. They have a ton of kinetic movement, so they will move with you and catch the light! I also make the ear wire one piece with the circle that holds the fringe. This way the ear wire doesn't fall into line with the other pieces and it's actually a little easier to put in!

Check out more details on my Winona earrings here.


This is my go-to necklace for any and all occasions. This minimal necklace features a hammered ring (hammered on both sides so there's never a "wrong side" to face outward) on a delicate oval link chain. I offer this necklace in multiple lengths because everyone has a different preference. I wear mine at a 16" length, which is perfect to layer with! I love this necklace because I can wear a T-Shirt and look put together, or I can throw on a collared shirt and look professional, or I can wear a dress and look ready for date night!

Check out the details on my Aurora necklace here.


This one might be more obvious since I love my Winona earrings, I equally love my subtle statement necklace, Janice! With the same hammered silver fringe pieces in mind, this necklace features an oblong infinity symbol with extra dangles. I also tend to make this necklace at longer lengths, perfect for sweater weather!

Check out the details on my Janice necklace here.

Hammered Cuff

This one is surprising for me, I'm not always a bracelet gal but I've found that I really enjoy wearing my silver hammered cuff. This cuff isn't too tight, so it will move some on my wrist without feeling like it's going to fall off. A cuff is also easier to put on and take off than another bracelet with a clasp, or a bangle that has to slide over your whole hand. It's just enough material to feel like I'm wearing something special without feeling like it's in the way of me working (like typing up this article!). I don't have these listed on my website currently as I want to offer different sizes for these. I do tend to carry a few with my at pop-up markets and festivals.

If you're interested in a hammered cuff for yourself, send Erin an email at: and let her know!


I just had to throw in one more earring design, Claire! I love these earrings for their movement! The inner ring is separate from the outer ring, so it gives a more dimensional look. These earrings have two circles, which a lot of jewelry (even mine) uses circles, which means these pair well with other pieces! Think back to my Aurora necklace! Any circle would work really.

Check out more details on my Claire earrings here.

I hoped you enjoyed looking at Erin's top picks of 2023! Find your next favorite piece here!

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