Silver Prophecy Jewelry Gift Cards

Silver Prophecy Jewelry Gift Cards

Silver Prophecy Jewelry Gift Cards are now available!

These are perfect as a gift for someone who you know would love to have a piece of SPJ but not quite sure exactly what they want.

You can purchase a gift card in four different dominations, making gifting easy if you're on a budget or ready to splurge! The best thing about these gifts cards is you can use more than one at checkout!

Another great reason to get a gift card, they do not expire!

Where SPJ Gift Cards can be used

Are you buying a gift card for a local SPJ fan? These gift cards may be digital, but they are good for online and in person purchases! This is only applicable when purchasing directly from Silver Prophecy Jewelry (at or at pop-up markets or art festivals). Which means these gift cards are not eligible for use at any retail stores where SPJ is sold.

However, if there is a particular piece at a retail location you wish to purchase with your Gift Card, send Erin an email ( and we'll see what we can do!

Printing your Gift Card

If you do plan to use your Gift Card at a pop-up market or art festival, you can print your Gift Card code so it's handy! Refer back to your Gift Card email and click on the "View Gift Card Balance" link to open a new page with your Gift Card code, balance, and a way to print it all out.

Buying a Gift Card for someone else

You'll receive the gift card code via email with the email address provided at checkout. Simply forward that email to the desired recipient. This way you can add your own message in your email and they will also know to expect a surprise in their inbox from you!

Check you Gift Card Balance

Not sure how much is left on your Gift Card? You can refer back to your Gift Card email. There is a link near the bottom to view the remaining balance.

Check out an SPJ Gift Card today!

Have any further questions? Shoot Erin (Your Silver Lady) an email and she'll help as best she can.

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