Mother's Day Gifting Ideas 2023

Do you need to show Mom, or a mother figure, just how much you value her? I heard somewhere mom's love handmade sterling silver jewelry. I'm pretty sure that's a fact somewhere out there, right?

If you think that's the case in your situation, then Silver Prophecy Jewelry is perfect for you! Below are some pieces that I've curated that make excellent Mother's Day gifts. Perfect for a range of budgets and sentiments.


Any adventure or travel loving Mom:

Any piece from my NC Regions collection is perfect for this Mom. While I was inspired by the geographical regions of North Carolina, I feel that these pieces can be any Mountain or Beach that has significance for you and your Mom. This collection offers dangle earrings and necklaces.

Take a look at my NC Regions Collection.

Price range: $80-145


Any flower/plant loving Mom:

Group photo of flower and plant inspired handmade jewelry

This collection was inspired by a single flower that I see a lot in the summer time here in North Carolina, an Echinacea flower. While my take is a touch abstract, it's easy to say these little petal or leaf inspired pieces are sure to resonate with any green thumbed Mom.

Take a look at my Spring Collection 2023.

Price range: $37-80


Shop my best selling Dangle Earring design:

Why not go with a SPJ favorite among fans and get her one of my most popular earrings designs, Winona! These earrings are entirely handmade, starting with the circle which features an integrated ear wire. The fringe pieces at the bottom are measured, cut, and hand-hammered in classic SPJ style. The fringe provides movement and sparkle.

Take a look at my best selling earring design, Winona.

Price: $70


For the Mom that loves silver but you're not sure what she would like:

When you're not sure exactly what you Mom would want, maybe you're not sure what necklace length she prefers or if she like ear wires or post earrings, get her a Silver Prophecy Jewelry Gift Card! This is also great if you're on a tighter budget since Gift Cards are offered in a range of denominations.

Learn more about Silver Prophecy Jewelry Gift Cards here.

Price: $25-100, you can choose!
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