SPJ Essentials Collection

I have updated my Silver Prophecy Jewelry Essentials Collection!

This collection is all about pieces from my line that are essential to any wardrobe. They are also pieces that I plan to always make and have in stock. There are some new items but also pieces that have been popular and fit into this collection.

These pieces are the backbone of what Silver Prophecy Jewelry is all about. Which is minimal, timeless, lightweight designs that make you sparkle. Perfect for when you just want a little something special. Each piece is handmade in small batches.

What I love about this collection is that all of these pieces also pair well with others. My Aurora necklace pairs well with just about any pair of earrings, or even layered with another necklace like my longer necklace Celeste! Have multiple ear piercings? Pair my Christine studs with a pair of Sage studs. The combinations are endless. Unsure where to start? Match my hammered textures. Then even if the designs or shapes are different, they will still look like a set.

While I am a silver lover, I understand those that may like other metals too. I say, mix your metals! Do you have a gold necklace? Wear it with Celeste, my longer silver bar necklace. Or wear a bright silver piece with an oxidized silver piece from my Oxidized Silver collection!

I want my jewelry to be about what makes you happy. And if wearing your favorite pieces of jewelry does that, then please do it. Even if it's just for yourself. Sometimes that's all we need to help us get through the day. I can't tell you how many times during quarantine while I was working remotely (and also very stressed) I wore my sweatpants but also a pair of my earrings. It made me feel like I was more put together (not to mention no one was going to see that part of me) and it made me feel better about myself. If you are a person that appreciates the little things, then my jewelry is for you.

Do you feel like you have some gaps in your jewelry collection? Find a piece from my SPJ Essentials Collection to fill in what's missing.

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